"_______." NOW.

Insert what you will. "Everything" is - Taylor Swift "Now."

Taylor Swift is one of the most talked about people on social media in the world.
So what to give the insatiable "Swifties" fans?
A video channel for them to stream Taylor anytime, anywhere, on AT&T of course!
The video chapters allow Swifites to watch every aspect of her life. 
Her life on shoots, on tour, with fans, in her home, with best friends, with co-stars, with her mom, and of course never before seen video clips and concerts. 
And lets not forget her cats! More cats NOW!
Creating the closest possible connection a fan could have without actually meeting Taylor. All the while creating wildfire conversations throughout social media.
To launch the Taylor Swift NOW campaign we used every outlet possible including environmental, social and broadcast.
Below are some highlights from the first few months of the launch. From promoting her Super Bowl weekend concert in Houston to Times Square takeovers to cookies delivered to her on her birthday on launch day.
Go TayTay! NOW!
Campaign Overview
A social media slam dunk - anything with Taylors cats. Meredith, the singer's first feline, is a tribute to Pompeo's Grey's Anatomy character Meredith Grey, while new kitty/arm candy Olivia is named after Hargitay's Law and Order: SVU detective Olivia Benson.
One many of launch promos: STREAMING DANCE MOVES. NOW.
Creative partners: ECD: Matt McDonald BBDO NY / CD Writer: Andrew Ault  Social: Casey Blackwood BBDO Atlanta & McBeard LA